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Amazing Origami Boxes

Author(s): Tomoko Fuse
ISBN: 9780486822464
Publisher: Dover Publications, Inc. / 2018
Language : English
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2.0000 (2 ratings)
Amazing Origami Boxes
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About this Book

This book is an unabridged translation of a work originally published by NuiNui, Switzerland, 2017. The subtitle of this book is a good description of its contents: 20 origami models with instructions and diagrams. The models include traditional Japanese designs as well as designs by Tomoko Fuse, ranging in difficulty from easy to moderate to challenging. Although the title specifies boxes, the models include many other types of containers as well, such as baskets, bowls, sweets dishes, and party plates. There are large, clear diagrams and many beautiful, colorful photographs of the finished models. This book also contains an interesting biography of the author.
tgritter --
A few of the models in this book also appear in other books by Tomoko Fuse which I have in my library, but I also found many models here which were new to me. I especially enjoyed the technique shown in this book for adding a wedge base to various models, in order to strenghthen them and also enhance their appearance.
Contents (30 models)