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Welcome to the first (beta) version of the new Origami Database!

What's so new?

Well first, the changes that are already in place.

User types

Registered User

When you login you'll be a Registered User which means that you can:-


You can also be a Creator. PM a moderatorto let them know that you are a creator (with your username and which creator you are, preferably the CreatorID) and once it is set up, you'll be able to


People may also be Moderators, who can change just about anything. Moderator status is given VERY sparingly.

Other Info

Changes coming sometime!

Addition I'm considering for Copyright Handling.

What's merging?

The new structure of the database allows for there to be a single entry for a model, but existing in a number of books. Currently, there is a separate entry for each model in each book. Slowly, the intention is for models that are the same to be merged and for there to be only one entry for each individual model. For an example, I've already merged the data for my own Snowflake model. The model only appears once in the database, but is associated with a few books.