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Star Origami: The Starrygami™ Galaxy of Modular Origami Stars, Rings and Wreaths

Author(s): Tung Ken Lam
ISBN: 9781032022338
Publisher: AK Peters/CRC Press / 2022
Language : English
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Star Origami: The Starrygami™ Galaxy of Modular Origami Stars, Rings and Wreaths
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About this Book

Read Ilan Garibi's in-depth review for Origami USA at‘star-origami’-tung-ken-lam "Highly recommended for teachers and for folders who want more than a few more models!" Ilan Garibi, Award-winning origami artist and author "Star Origami is a festival of folding fun that is sure to inspire. Tung Ken's stellar designs are rich with invention, and as always, his works are beautifully illustrated and written by him. Those eager for the math behind the designs will not be disappointed." — Michael LaFosse (Origamido® Studio), author of over 50 origami books including Geometric Origami: The Art of Modular Paper Sculpture "Tung Ken Lam is one of the world’s leading exponents of modular origami design. His books never disappoint." — David Mitchell, author of Mathematical Origami and founder of "Perfect for teachers to guide students to explore the relationships between the properties of rectangles and the folded stars. The curious and motivated student will find hours of mathematical buried treasure through folding." – Charlene Morrow, Director, SummerMath, Mount Holyoke College and Past Board Chair, OrigamiUSA "Star Origami provides a treasure trove of relevant math foundations, and suggestive pathways for the creative journey. It has already stimulated new directions for my own star structures." — Arnold Tubis, author of Unfolding Mathematics with Origami Boxes and Tessellation Inspired Origami Box Designs Star Origami: The Starrygami™ Galaxy of Modular Origami Stars, Rings and Wreaths is an exciting collection of origami rings, stars and wreaths made using the modular technique, including clear instructions for making them. Features Over sixty paper stars, all made without cutting, gluing or decorating using the modular origami technique Hundreds of clear step-by-step instructions show you how, based on the technique of folding a small number of simple units and joining them together as a satisfying puzzle Secret tips to make new shapes just by varying a few lengths and angles Suitable for teaching and learning art, geometry and mathematics. Teachers will appreciate the practical advice to succeed in using origami for education.
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