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The Fold, Issue 63, Mar - Apr 2021

Author(s): OUSA
Publisher: OrigamiUSA / 2021
Language : English
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5.0000 (1 ratings)
The Fold, Issue 63, Mar - Apr 2021
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About this Book

This is an online publication which can be accessed through the web site. The content includes articles such as book reviews and interviews with designers, as well as photographs of origami models and downloadable PDFs with origami diagrams. Some of this content is available only to logged-in members of OUSA, but there are also many articles which non-members can view and many diagrams which can be downloaded without a member login.
tgritter --
Before I became a member of OUSA, I enjoyed the parts of The Fold which were available to non-members. However, I have come to enjoy this publication even more as a member of OUSA.
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