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Fiorella Kusudama Alternate Names:
Fiorella Kusudama
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Maria Sinayskaya
Maria Sinayskaya
Paper: Square
Pieces: 30
Cuts: No
Glue: No
Rating (Average)

4.0000 (2 ratings)
Difficulty (Average)

4.0000 (2 ratings)

About this Model

tgritter -- Ratings |
The beauty of this model can be enhanced by adding beads which are sewn through the model after it is completed. The author provides instructions for how to do this.

Instructions may be found in the following
Zen Origami : page 123.

Zen Origami
Page 123

Diag:Yes CP:No Video:No
Photo Gallery
model image

Folded by Teresa Ritter
Photo: Teresa Ritter